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Lord, I’m sorry about before. I was just excited about what I was reading about our relationship and the wisdom you’ve granted me over the years.

But you’re right, I wasn’t coming to you with the respect you deserve. I’m sorry.

It’s alright Michael. Your apology is not needed for me, but it puts your heart in the right state to receive what I would like to share.

Lord Jesus, what would you like to share with me?

Michael, you’re going through a rough time right now. A “tribulation” if you will. but as you know, your life was not meant to be easy.

You are being tested all the time. Your response to such tests mold you in new ways, and into the man you will become.

Lord are you proud of the man I am?

Michael, I’m proud of the man you are becoming.

That’s great to hear, thank you.

Don’t thank me. Your choices have led you to where you are. but also, do not swell your pride in thinking that it can’t all be swept away.

What you have built is an accomplishment, but it is still of this world. You can’t take it with you where you’re going. Yes, it will make your life more comfortable, and that’s a fine thing, but don’t look at it as something that you depend upon for strength or sanity.

I see what you mean. I am simply grateful. Grateful to you Lord, for equipping and guiding me. Grateful to my clients, who have entrusted me to help them grow their businesses, and grateful to Robert, who even though he’s acting the way he is, I am fortunate to have worked with him.

Michael, his time may be up, but that doesn’t mean that his contribution goes away. He’s…

I just pray that he doesn’t do anything to purposefully damage the business. Or that he doesn’t try to take clients.

Whether he does or doesn’t is up to him. That’s why it’s so important for you to consult with me about who you hire and work with. I can tell you whether the people you’re considering working with are of good character, so that if “bad things” happen, they’re character will guide how they deal with it.

I understand. I will “lean not on my own understanding”.

That’s wise.

So what do I do based on where I am today.

Well, you will need to contact your clients. You’ll need to reassure them that they’re in excellent and capable hands. You need to reassure them that your #1 priority has, and always will be, to provide excellent service and value, and that hasn’t changed.


Should I start looking for a replacement?

Not necessarily… as you talked about with Jen, there’s value in you taking on this management role for at least a few weeks. Give it your attention, raise the bar, and then reassess whether to bring someone on to handle the day to day work.


Michael, I will keep you safe.

I know

Even if there is blowback from whatever Robert decides to do, you keep your character, and just realize that he’s struggling with his own demons.

I will

Let’s talk soon, okay?

Yes, definitely. Thank you Lord.

Christian. Husband of a woman who absolutely completes me. Father of three wonderful girls. My passion is investing my talents into fostering the growth of others' relationships with Christ. This site is the "fruit" of my faith. I pray you are blessed by it and that others are blessed through your writing.
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