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Lord, I’m back!

I can’t believe it’s been so long…

Almost 4 years???

And what brings me back? Of course… troubles.

I’m in trouble Lord.

My business is in trouble.

What I’ve worked so hard for, seems to be teetering practically on the verge of collapse.

I could go on, but I really want to experience communion with you again.

I’ve been reading my Proof of God page, and am absolutely inspired!

WOW! How amazing that I’ve had such incredible relationship and communion with you over the years!

How awesome the wisdom that you’ve provided to me.

And how CRAZY it is that I took the time not only to blog about it, but then to organize it and summarize key learnings into short blurbs for easy reading.

Simply fantastic. That’s the influence you’ve had on me.

And I can see the lasting impact those years have had on me.

I am unwavering when it comes to my integrity, and doing the “right thing” whether in family relationships, friendships, or business relationships.

I thank you for that.

But again, I would like nothing more than to record our communion again Lord.

Is that what you want?

Um… maybe…

Michael, you’re being very flippant about something that is not an issue you should take lightly.

The world would like you to be flippant about your relationship with me, and with many other matters. But I do not regard our relationship in such ways.

You’d best regroup and come back to me when your heart is right.

I’m sorry Lord. You’re right. Thank you for setting me straight.


Christian. Husband of a woman who absolutely completes me. Father of three wonderful girls. My passion is investing my talents into fostering the growth of others' relationships with Christ. This site is the "fruit" of my faith. I pray you are blessed by it and that others are blessed through your writing.
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